The Promise of Camellias


I took the girls to Valentine’s Mansion and Park this morning. Beaming sunshine beckoned us outdoors instead of to mass; we’ve been under the weather for what seems like weeks now, so our bodies are craving vitamin D and outdoor play. A quick glance at the weatherstation promised rain. I ignored that. Got to the park, aboard tricycle and scooter, and realised that the sun was quickly disappearing. A quick look at the ducks and geese in the pond before hitting the playground, and I spotted this lovely Camellia bush aching with abundant flowers and had to take a photo (or five). My little ones are used to me wanting to look at flowers and plants and trees and so indulged me for a moment. It’s just the loveliest flower, bright and big and bold against vibrant evergreen foliage. And at a time of the year when one seems just desperate for bright, big, bold, and vibrant. Glad I ignored the weatherstation this morning. Am happy now.


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