Toward Legal Clarity for ‘Summer born’ Children

The campaigners for Flexible Admissions for Summer-born Children have a unique opportunity to present their case to a Dept of Education Minister.

This campaign’s aim is help parents who want their child to begin Reception year aged 5, and not aged 4 (those born between April and August). The law is unclear about this and local authorities and schools often don’t know or misapply it.

The campaign is working toward greater legal clarity for these families and they would like to have your personal experience on record!

Anyone with experience of considering delaying admission for their child to Reception (whether you went through with it or not) is invited to answer.


New Survey for Parents of Summer Born Children

c artwork for cufflink april 2011If you are the parent of a summer born child and in recent years have applied or thought about applying for a Reception class place for your child(ren) when they reach compulsory school age, PLEASE COMPLETE THIS ONLINE SURVEY a.s.a.p.

The more responses we have, the better. Thank you.


One thought on “Toward Legal Clarity for ‘Summer born’ Children

  1. This definitely affected me. Not only was I late born, I was small in stature too and I can still recall how it caused problems with tasks. I was perceived as being even younger than I was and it influenced how teachers treated me.

    It is only when you see these tiny children next to their so-called peers that you see the difference in every way. They can end up sacrificing something of their natural developmental inclinations when they are forced into the educational sausage machine so young

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