If You Went Down in the Woods Today. . .

2014 Hainault Forest Easter Egg Trail, organised by the Woodland Trust

. . .yes, you would have seen bears (carved ones, of Yogi and Boo-Boo Bear). On this, the first ever Easter Egg Trail in Hainault Forest, organised by the Woodland Trust, we also saw a panoply of beasts and birds carved into the woods.

The North-western end of Hainault Forest has a one-mile long walking trail which is home to the Trust’s annual Halloween ‘Monster’ Trail and, now, a delightful Easter trail for families. The trail is accessible for buggies and most wheeled vehicles. There are some narrow bridges, but detours are available.

Bunnies in the woods

Bunnies in the woods

The Hunt was free to anyone who requested a ticket; the Trust asked only for donations. And thanks to Derek Wright of the Trust for organising a ticket for us at the very last minute.

Enjoy the photos and play along to see if you can spot some of the carved creatures, done by local chainsaw carvers and willow bark sculptors.




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Happy Easter from Yogi, Boo Boo, Emelia and Liesl

Happy Easter, from Yogi, Boo Boo, Emelia and Liesl


One thought on “If You Went Down in the Woods Today. . .

  1. LOVE the photos but that willow bark spider would absolutely terrify me (Wuss), not quite veteran of the Blair Witch Project aka had to leave the cinema halfway through!

    Hainault Park does look gorgeous though and on the Central Line too!

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