Shopping for School Shoes

I love shopping for my daughters. Now it’s time for school shoes. . . and I’m feeling a little nostalgic.

213-angulusAm I wrong? Or do these just eek ‘nostalgia’?

Follow my Pinterest board as I search for a black leather school shoe. . . and inevitably get distracted.


4 thoughts on “Shopping for School Shoes

  1. I still have my daughters first pair of school shoes- red. She said they made her ‘feet dance’ even when she didn’t want them to! And oh the ugliness of MY school shoes made me want to weep as a child. I wore Buster Browns. Nowadays they are fashionable- Fugly- and all over the runways.

    • I had Buster Browns, too! Now I would call them “busted browns.” Why oh why do they have to be black?? In the words of Lola, of Charlie and Lola, “I do not want to be schooliformed!” (speaking for my girl here, but she’s a non-conformist like her mama)

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