Cheers, Rio!


Behold the Caipirinha: A swirling of Cachaça, a liquor distilled from sugarcane, fresh lemons, and sugar.

Very soon, the pubs around London will be full of watchers of the Beautiful Game. And I will be having a Beautiful Drink.

I am missing my old ‘hood, just North of South Beach, Miami, and East of the mainland. Home to thousands of Brazilians, where I could get a fantastic piece of steak smeared with lime, olive oil and garlic, some form of cassava, and one of these lovelies pretty easily. . . the caipirinha.

They go down pretty easily, if memory serves me correctly. I think I will embark on a search for some good Cachaça in London. Would appreciate any tips.

And cheers to Rio. Here’s hoping the Brazilians get a decent shake out of lending their country to the world for a few weeks.

If you want to try making one yourself, I recommend Juliana Guimarães’s blog, “Brazil with Z.”


2 thoughts on “Cheers, Rio!

  1. I go to Jerry’s liquor store in Soho, 74 Old Compton St, a cross between an old neighbourhood bodega and an alcohol stuffed tardis. If he hasn’t got it, it ain’t worth having.

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