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According to the Guardian, in an article published today, “Childcare is now so expensive that families are increasingly better off if one parent gives up work to look after their offspring, a major new report has found.”

Trust me. I’ve known this for a fact for the last 4.5 years. We are part of the middle sector who earn “too much” to qualify for any real help (and still recovering from losing the formerly Universal child benefit, as it was our only means of creating savings). And we earn too little to be living better than hand to mouth.

Resourceful as ever, we just carry on as best we can, making the sacrifice and doing the best we can for our family. We also realise that lots of other people face an even tougher situation, so public moaning is not appropriate.

The cost of childcare and the effect on the squeezed middle class, helping parents who have been out of the work force because they’ve stayed at home to care for their children–not always by choice. I want to hear more about this during the upcoming election.


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