Safer School Runs

Redbridge Neighbourhood Watch got in touch this afternoon to ask us to publicise this message from a PCO in Fulwell:

A request to all those of you that take part in the school run: We are receiving numerous complaints from all of our Primary Schools in relation to inconsiderate and dangerous behaviour when dropping our children off too school. If parking is at a premium at the school you are going to please allow sufficient time to find a spot and get your children school safely. I know that this is a stressful time and the roads are extremely busy, but it could be your child that is injured if you don’t address this issue.

There has been a significant increase to trend to stop and drop, where you just stop in the middle of the road and let your children get out there and then not only are you causing an obstruction of the highway doing this (yes this is an offence), but most importantly you are putting your children’s life’s at risk. We have recently had a child knocked over after getting out of a vehicle that had stopped and dropped. Very fortunately their injuries were not serious, but it could have been a lot worse.

school crossing
Personally, I’m glad to have seen two Community Police persons during our school run yesterday, standing on the pavement near the gates. It simply amazes me how many people park right over the yellow lines or climb kerbs on the road right in front of my daughter’s school at peak drop-off time.
Here are some other things that can help improve safety during the school run:
  • Don’t make three-point turns in the roads around school.
  • Don’t park over peoples’ driveways
  • Park on an adjacent street and walk a block to the gates.

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