The Blog

Moving on from my first blog, Kate’s Unplanned Adventures, London on Toast is a colourful chronicle of living in one of the world’s greyest greatest cities.

The Writer

I’m an expat, though I’m not sure of where or what at any given time. I’m currently living in London. I moved here in June 2008 for love (and hopefully money) after living for most of my life in the States (the United ones). I was born in Jamaica many years ago, before Dancehall went global.

By trade, I am a wordsmith, completely overeducated, and full of big ideas. In practice, I am happily married, a mother of two beautiful and troublesome little girls, a budding entrepreneur, and Editor for the Mumsnet Local sites for the London Boroughs of Redbridge and Waltham Forest.

Why Toast. . .

posh toast

I do love toast. So I knew the UK would make a good home. But while I like mine done medium to medium-well with just a bit of really good butter, I am overcome by the variety of toast dishes in English cuisine. There’s beans-on-toast, eggs-on-toast (which I don’t like because the toast goes all soggy), and I’ve even heard of spaghetti-on-toast?? Honestly, that sounds a little bonkers, but who am I to judge? I’ve made a few new ones up myself; garlic mushrooms-on-toast is my current favourite.

Anyway, the point of this metaphor–before the plot is lost–is just as the humble slice of toast offers up such a variety of experiences, so does this place in which I live, East London.

I like to think of it as a wedge of city and country life–Waltham Forest is right in the heart of boho East London and Redbridge coasts into the suburbs of Essex. With an artistic vibe and galactically international population, life is always interesting. Central London is minutes away via rail or Tube and gorgeous countryside surrounds. We have two huge country parks, which are great for stretching legs and exploring. Or golf, sailing, windsurfing, angling, hiking, horseriding, or cycling. . . And if we need a bigger adventure. . . well, the greatest city in the world is only a few minutes away.

p.s. All content is original and copyrighted.

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