Kung Hei Fat Choy

Welcoming the Year of the Sheep!


Here’s to a bountiful year, full of positivity, fullness and delight!

Here are some ideas for something to do together with the family today: Chinese New Year crafts.


Is it Santa? Or a Space Station?

santa's sleighEvidently, we in the United Kingdom will have a lucky view of the International Space Station in the twinkly sky during the 12 days of Christmas. . . and on Christmas Eve night!

You can find viewing information here, on meteorwatch.org.

Happy Christmas!

The Christmas Fairy Alights on Valentines Mansion

xmas fairyIt’s very nearly Christmas but there’s a problem! The Christmas Fairy needs some very special people to help her on her mission, so bring along your magic wand and best singing voice and join in the Countdown to Christmas!

When: Saturday, December 14th

Where: Valentines Mansion, Emerson Road, Ilford

Who: This event is for children aged 2-8 and their families.

Pre-booking is essential. Maximum of two adults per child for bookings. Ticket cost is £5. Please phone the Mansion on 020 8708 8100.

Consumer Rights – #ChristmasShopping

Valuable advice to keep your pocketbook merry this Christmas.

Portsmouth Parents

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With Christmas just around the corner, here is everything you need to know about your rights when making those special purchases.

We’ve all been there. You purchase that dress you love but when you get it home it (a) doesn’t fit; (b) looks awful; or (c) for no reason at all you decide that you hate it completely.  You therefore take the item back to the shop to ask for a refund only to be told that you cannot have one.

Your rights as a consumer are governed by the Sale of Goods Act 1979 where you purchase ‘goods’ (for example a dress or T-shirt) or the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, where you are provided with a ‘service’ (e.g. eating out at a restaurant or a mobile phone contract).  Many people know little about their rights arising from these Acts.

It is worth bearing in mind…

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